The Ness Beach School 2020

‘It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!’

Alfie is loving Beach School, he looks forward to every week. This is the first time Alfie has ever wanted to participate in an out of school activity. He loves all the play leaders, and having a chance to meet up with his old friends and make some new. Hopefully this new found confidence will stay with him when he returns to school. Thank you for giving him the opportunity to take part. 

“Jacob has loved it over the last couple of weeks, come out brimming and smiling, it’s really boosted his confidence.” 

“Beach School is very good and all the children like it a lot and they let the children give opinions of all of the activities which is good. It is very fun. The best bit about it is that we get hot chocolate.”

Nicole aged 8 

‘I think Beach School is a positive way to burn off steam and to get in touch with your wild side. In my group. At the end of the session we are always really happy.’  In my school, we have Forest School and ever since lockdown I’ve missed it, I think Beach School is an improvement because you get to be beside the Ocean and you get the sea breeze which can refresh your mind.  Beach School Rules! xx’

Joe, aged 11 

My Jacob is absolutely loving it too, I’ve just asked him and he says “I’m thoroughly enjoying it! I love the activities and seeing my friends again after so long away from them”

Jacob aged 10 

“Thank you, the girls loved it! They so needed this.”

It got my girls out of the house and mixing with others again after lockdown and allowed me to spend time with my younger son one to one which is a rare opportunity. It was good for all of us.

Beach school enabled my ASD son to participate in outdoor learning, which is his happy place. He was lucky enough to spend time with the wonderful Tracie Carpenter who is an amazing forest school teacher. While my son was at beach school it gave me and my daughter some special time together too thank you to all the volunteers for educating and caring for my boy and all the other children who were lucky enough to go. 

Jacob loved the whole experience and couldn’t wait to get there each week , it was lovely for him to see some of his friends again and spend time with his best pal Jake M learning new skills and building in confidence as he went ….. thank you for your time guys x 

My son loved Beach School it gave him a chance to spend time with his peers away from the family whilst enjoying the beautiful beach and learning new skills. He loved the leaders, and it helped to build his confidence in returning to school. 

“Oscar has always found school difficult and not attended many after school clubs. Lockdown was in many ways a relief for him as he was away from the crowds and pressure of school – particularly due to being in year six. Oscar was very close to his Grandma, who died at the beginning of July, just before his 11th Birthday. Beach School has really helped him to integrate back into being in a group environment again, with other children and following instructions. He loves being outside in nature as has looked forward to attending each week. I am confident this will make his transition to secondary school next month much easier. I hope that the Beach School will be able to continue into the future. It would be a huge support to us to have an extra bit of childcare in school holidays now that we are a grandparent down too!” 

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!”

Oscar, age 11 

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Co-founding Director and Co-ordinator Lighthouse South Devon

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